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Treddy's entire team stands as a point of reference in the implementation of projects of projects of any nature and scale

Whether you start from a concept, a sketch or an existing object, our technical team is here to help you give shape to your ideas, no matter what they are.

Treddy Engineering

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Planning, Engineering and Design

There is no limit to Treddy's engineering: optimization right from conceptualization, geometric structures capable of respecting constraints and maintaining total efficiency, improved resistance to forces and stresses, reduction of weights, wastes and overall dimensions, total customization for small volumes or large mass production, complete redesign in case of new requirements always retaining functionality and respecting complex geometries.

Design for Additive Manufacturing (DfAM)

DfAM is a special design approach specifically intended for 3D printing.
It encompasses different techniques, procedures and software with the common aim of producing artefacts by making the most of the potential offered by 3D printing.

Freedom to test
multiple solutions

Thanks to the speed of execution of 3D printing, you can test new solutions, innovative geometries, diverse production methods, and the latest materials to find the best solution for your needs in easiness.

Our team can't wait to hear from you!

Contact our 3D printing specialist here, tell us about your need or even just the idea you would like to implement.

Together we will find the most efficient, tailored solution for you.

Many have already entrusted themselves to our experts!

Our 3D Printing Technologies

Our team will guide you in choosing the right 3D printing technology for your needs
Stampa 3D Multi Jet Fusion MJF

HP Multi Jet Fusion

Powder Bed Fusion 3D Printing
Powerful 3D printing technology based on powder bed fusion tecnology. Similar to SLS.

No printing supports needed.
Grandi volumi di stampa.
Maximum production speed.
Stampa 3D FDM


Fused Deposition 3D Printing
Classic 3D printing technology for prototyping and durable parts.

Metal Replacement.
High heat resistance.
Light and durable parts.
Stampa 3D sla

Stereolithography (SLA)

Resin 3D Printing
Extremely accurate 3D printing technology for aesthetic and detailed prototypes.

Smooth and defined surfaces.
High level of detail.
Transparent and castable prototypes.
Stampa 3D LFAM


Robotic Arm 3D Printing
Filament 3D printing with HERON robotic arm for large-scale artifacts.

Custom Materials (pellet).
Prints up to 3x3x3 mt.