Our Services

Our experts are at your complete service, for any idea, project, implementation.

Engineering, Development and Consulting Services

Treddy progettazione 2D

2D and 3D Design

CAD design service of 2D tables and/or 3D designs with file release.
Treddy 3D Printing Service

Design for Additive Manufacturing (DfAM)

Design service optimized for 3D Printing, topological optimization and part consolidation.
Sviluppo nuovi prodotti

New Product Development

Application study, design and planning of new products.
Treddy Consulting

Design and Production Consulting

Complete consulting service: from concept development, design, production and post production.

3D Scanning Services

Treddy Scansione 3D

3D Scanning

3D acquisition service of existing objects and artifacts. 3D file release included.
Treddy Reverse Engineering

Reverse Engineering

3D scanning service and re-engineering of existing parts and artifacts with a focus on optimization for 3D printing, correction or repair.
Treddy Controllo dimensionale Certificato

Certified Dimensional Control

Certified Dimensional Control Service including report issuance and dimensional analysis.

Industrial 3D Printing Services

Stampa 3D FDM

Additive Manufacturing

Industrial 3D printing service with 4 different technologies to choose from. Perfect for one-off pieces, small to medium batches and diversified production.
Treddy Prototipazione Rapida

Rapid Prototyping

Rapid prototyping service with 4 different 3D printing technologies to choose from. 24h production of single parts, functional and aesthetic prototypes and mockups.
Treddy Finiture

Professional Post Production and Finishing

We offer various types of surface treatments and application of professional finishes to give a refined and complete appearance to manufactured parts.

Our 3D Printing Technologies

We provide you with the widest range of 3D printing technologies all in one place.
Stampa 3D Multi Jet Fusion MJF

HP Multi Jet Fusion

Powder Bed Fusion 3D Printing
Powerful 3D printing technology based on powder bed fusion tecnology. Similar to SLS.

No printing supports needed.
High production volumes.
Maximum production speed.
Stampa 3D FDM


Fused Deposition 3D Printing
Classic 3D printing technology for prototyping and durable parts.

Metal Replacement.
High heat resistance.
Light and durable parts.
Stampa 3D sla

Stereolithography (SLA)

Resin 3D Printing
Extremely accurate 3D printing technology for aesthetic and detailed prototypes.

Smooth and defined surfaces.
High level of detail.
Transparent and castable prototypes.
Stampa 3D LFAM


Robotic Arm 3D Printing
Filament 3D printing with HERON robotic arm for large-scale artifacts.

Custom Materials (pellet).
Prints up to 3x3x3 mt.


Treddy Backstage PRO

Treddy Backstage PRO

Documentary service of the design, production and installation process, with release of professional photos and videos.


Join us in a new revolution

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We aim to achieve innovation and development goals with our partners and customers, by revolutionizing the way things are thought about and made..